24 thoughts on “Women’s Quirks

  1. I’m gonna let you guys on a big women’s secret. Women are in heaven when their clitoris is gently licked and sucked and the longer the better. An hour or more and I feel like I’ve gone to heaven.

  2. Mystique you’ve just told it like it is. This is my favorite. I also enjoy doing this to another girl. This is the most affectionate way someone can show your love.

  3. I can’t speak for all women but for me I love it when a man concentrates on getting my nipples hard. I have much longer than usual nipples than most women I’ve seen and when I get aroused they stand straight up. When this happens it seems to make me produce a lot of natural lubrication just where It’s needed.

  4. Kimberley, I’m the opposite. I like my breasts a lot. It doesn’t bother me when I rub them or even touch my nipples but when a man does it to them I get very uncomfortable and it even hurts. My nipples are so sensitive I can’t even imagine if they were long like yours.

  5. My nipples aren’t long but I do have really large dark areolas and when I get excited I get a lot of goose bumps on them . Luckily my breasts aren’t as sensitive as yours.

  6. This is something all men should already know about women. We love flowers. It gives us a very sensual feeling when we receive them. They stimulate our senses and get our hormones flowing.

  7. It’s been a long time but I remember when my husband used to lick inside my ear I would get so excited and all my juices would be flowing. Thinking about that really brings back some great memories.

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