20 thoughts on “Men’s Quirks

  1. What’s up with men? All they seem to be doing is checking out women’s asses. At work I’m constantly being eyed by the guys. Now it’s makin me uncomfortable at work.

  2. Marvin let me ask you one question having to do with female chemistry which I don’t think you have a clue. Do you know how to make a hormone (whore moan)?

  3. Men adore making love to two women at the same time and the piece de resistance is when the two girls make love to each other and I’m in the middle.

  4. A little secret concerning men. We love women that can kiss really good and know when the right moment is to put their tongue in a man’s mouth.

  5. I don’t know about other guys but I’m an ass man. A girl with a flat as is an instant turnoff. I don’t like them huge but the best ones I find are on black women. Holy shit they are nice.

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