7 thoughts on “Hottest Hair

  1. What’s not hot? Glue. Those salons that are a glue gun factory assembly line destroy women’s hair. My hair is real and takes a good regiment of treatments to keep it up but if you need hair extensions get them sewn in and keep them clean and maintained. Nobody wants to see a woman constantly tapping and slapping their head with their hand.

  2. Hey Queen Bee, I’ve been going to the same hair salon for a couple years now. I first found Dune Natural Hair Care on craigslist. Very satisfied.

  3. Anyone try out the Blue Envy hair color kit by Splat? That company makes a few different color kits and with really wild colors. I’m thinking of trying it out but want to get a couple of opinions or comments first.

  4. Hey Go Girl I used Splat color products before but didn’t use the blue envy. I used a neon pink color and did one third of my hair on the right side with it and looked it outstanding. It lasted a long time. So I can say I recommend Splat. Just have a professional put it in for you to get it right. I wouldn’t say it’s for home use. Just buy it and have your hairdresser put it in for you.

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